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Coffee is good for your heart. Do you know the protective mechanism?

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We have previously reported a number of studies on the health benefits of coffee. Regular drinking of coffee can reduce the risk of a variety of diseases, including two Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, but the mechanism of this protective effect is still unclear

Now a new study shows that caffeine can promote the entry of regulatory proteins into mitochondria, enhance their role and protect cardiovascular cells from damage.


According to the US daily science website six month twenty-one The daily said, six month twenty-one The study, published in the journal Public Library of Science Biology on Sunday, found that caffeine concentration could have a protective effect after drinking the equivalent of four cups of coffee, suggesting that the effect may be related to physiological factors. The study was carried out by Judith Hendler and Joachim altschmidt of the Department of medicine at the University of Dusseldorf and the Leibniz Institute of environmental medicine in Dusseldorf and colleagues

According to the report, the authors of the study had previously found that a certain concentration (e.g four Caffeine enhances the function of endothelial cells inside blood vessels, which involves the energy dynamics of mitochondria, the cells.


This time, they found that among the major cell types in the heart, the mitochondria of those cells contain a type of p27 Their function is mainly as a cell cycle inhibitor. In these cells, in mitochondria p27 It promotes the migration of endothelial cells, protects cardiac muscle cells from cell death, and promotes the transformation of fibroblasts into cells containing contractile fibers, which are essential for the repair of myocardium after myocardial infarction. Researchers found that caffeine promotes p27 It enters the mitochondria and triggers this beneficial chain reaction, which is achieved by drinking four cups of coffee to reach the caffeine concentration. Caffeine can prevent early heart damage in rats, obesity and diabetes.  

"Our results show a new mode of action of caffeine through mitochondrial p27 To promote myocardial protection and repair. These results will help improve ways to protect the heart muscle from damage, including the consideration of adding coffee or caffeine to the diet of the elderly population. "


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